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Singing Bell is an ever-growing vault of free instrumentals and teaching material when it comes to children’s songs and Christmas music.

Hundreds of song titles are presented with karaoke audio (free for personal or educational use), videos with lyrics, sheet music, and more.


The Inspiration behind Singing Bell

Singing Bell emerged from our love of children’s songs and our need to be a part of the warmth people feel when these melodies are heard.

The same applies to Carols: wherever there is a custom of singing them during times of celebration -mainly at Christmas- carols imply a comforting relation to something superior to humans and a connection to the divine.

Music Teaching Resources on Singing Bell

Moreover, children’s songs and Christmas carols say a lot about the culture of peoples and countries all over the planet, however this fact is sometimes overseen or taken for granted by the people who sing them.

Singing Bell is here to provide music material to everyone who would like to sing these songs, either for pleasure or for teaching purposes, or even as a chance to take a glance at the global civilization.

Singing Bell’s songs take us for a ride. We hope you join us.


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When it comes to printing our designs on paper, we count on Printful to manufacture a high-quality product and have it sent to you.

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Elias Malassidis 

Owner and CEO
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Yiannis Kalliantas

Owner and CEO


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